At this point, Tepecik Training and Research Hospital Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Immunology Specialist, President of the Association for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases, what the vaccine means for humanity. Şükran Köse tells…

Undoubtedly, vaccine studies, which will have an important place in the Kovid-19 epidemic, which affects the whole world, continue at full speed. Before a vaccine is released on the market, it is checked many times, and its possible side effects and effectiveness are investigated for months. Therefore, it is clear that the vaccine has a key role in the solution of this epidemic.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also emphasizes that the only way out of this epidemic is vaccination. All types of vaccines produced with different methods in different countries are made to serve a single purpose: to protect people from getting sick, even if they are infected with the virus, to make them pass it much milder, even without understanding. The third phase studies of 11 vaccines produced in various countries with the participation of thousands of people are still continuing today. Interim results show that their effectiveness is over 90 percent, which is quite promising. No serious side effects have been observed in any vaccine so far.

Although WHO prefers single-dose vaccines due to the ease of administration to billions of people, the vaccines developed need to be administered in two doses for now. People who have had the disease will not be vaccinated for the time being. Of course, scientific studies will reveal how these people will respond if they are vaccinated.

We get many vaccines from childhood. Being vaccinated is not a new concept for us, on the contrary, it is a concept that has been practiced for years and makes us feel safe. In fact, it can even be called a part of our lives now. These days, our people should be encouraged to vaccinate in order to provide the highest benefit from the vaccine, which will be brought to our country with the effort of our state in order to protect against this disease caused by a virus with a high rate of transmission, which spreads very quickly and easily. It is of great importance for all age groups to return to our normal life as soon as possible with vaccination and to regain our old world.

Health is a neutral and highly controlled system. Nothing is a joke in health. The world, our country, our scientists and doctors are also aware of this situation. Trust your doctor, get vaccinated.