Intensive Care Infections in the Southeast Regions of Turkey 10.02.2018 

In Mardin, a city in southeastern Turkey, a symposium themed “Intensive Care Infections in the Southeast Regions of Turkey” was jointly held by Mardin Health Directorate, Public Health Services Presidency and the Association for Prevention of Infectious Diseases (BUHASDER) on 10.02.2018.

Midwives, nurses, doctors and infectious diseases specialists working in intensive care units in Southeastern cities of Turkey including Diyarbakir, Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Batman, Adiyaman, Kilis, Sirnak, Siirt and Mardin attended the symposium.

Specialist Doctor Tugba Onat, Deputy Head of the Public Health Unit of the Provincial Health Directorate, stated that such an event was organised for the first time in Mardin. Underlining that inappropriate use of antibiotics pose a great threat to public health, Onat said, “Patients may misuse antibiotics, by taking them when not recommended. This leads to the emergence and spread of antibiotic-resistant organisms. Now we have to fight with very resistant infections in intensive care. As physicians, we have difficulties in fighting infections because we lost the weapons we had long ago due to misuse. For this reason, we have held this symposium to draw attention to intensive care infections in our region.”