Hepatıtıs A, B and C Awareness Event wıth Barbers and Haırdressers 6.12.2018      

BUHASDER organised a two-day Hepatitis A, B and C Awareness Event in Menemen District of Izmir on December 6-7, 2018, with the participation of hairdressing apprentices.


The aim of this event was to train the participants, attending classes at Erdinc – Ahmet Cengiz Vocational Training Centre, on “Hepatitis, Transmission of Occupational Diseases and Prevention Methods”.


After the training, blood samples were taken from the participants for their screening of Hepatitis A, B, C.


A total of eight professionals, including three doctors, four laboratory technicians and a nurse, participated in this event led by Associate Professor Sukran Kose, the Chairperson of BUHASDER and the Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology at Tepecik Research and Training Hospital.


Following the training, BUHASDER held a conference on “Hepatitis”, an important health problem, which can be acquired occupationally and “Ways of prevention”. 106 students on the first day, 122 students on the second day, and a total of 228 students participated in the conference. 


We at BUHASDER are very grateful to everyone who took part and supported the organisation.