While the 9th BUHASDER Congress, organized by the Association for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases (BUHASDER), was held at Antalya Kemer Mirage Park Resort Hotel between 24-28 November 2021, “Covid-19 Vaccines” were discussed by experts on Saturday, 27 November 2021.

On the 2nd day of BUHASDER 2021 Congress; Journalist, Broadcaster and Writer Muharrem Sarıkaya and Prof. Dr. Under the moderation of Necmettin Ünal, the “Covid-19 Epidemic in All Aspects”, including the Covid-19 pandemic, health, economy, law, media and tourism, was held online and the participation of experts and managers in their fields attracted great attention. (To watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvpatY_5Lig&t=49s)

Moderators Prof. Dr. Serhat Unal and Prof. Dr. The first speaker with Firdevs Aktaş was Prof. Dr. Hakan Abacıoğlu, (27.11.2021, Kemer Antalya)
On the fourth day of the congress; prof. Dr. Serhat Unal (Hacettepe Medicine) and Prof. Dr. Firdevs Aktaş (Gazi Medicine) Chairperson;

The first speaker was İzmir University of Economics Faculty of Medicine Dean Prof. Dr. Hakan Abacıoğlu shared his work in this field with both his colleagues and other participants who are closely interested in this field, with a very detailed and successful presentation on “Vaccine Varieties Production and Effect Mechanisms and Doses”. He gave information that there are more than 300 vaccine candidates in the world and that they are trying to be produced with 11 different technologies. In addition, it was also brought to the agenda that the scientific results of the 3rd phase studies of the Türkocav vaccine, which came to the production stage in Turkey, were submitted to the Ministry of Health in order to obtain “emergency use approval” from WHO and that this issue would be conveyed to WHO through the Ministry of Health.

The second speaker, Gazi University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, Prof. Dr. Esin Şenol gave her presentation titled “Are Different Types of Vaccine Combinations More Effective”. The fact that vaccine studies, which were started from the first months of Covid 19, started to be used in less than a year, focused on the WHO’s decision on the vaccine, “The indispensable reliability of the vaccine and its importance. Expressing that there is a great vaccine revolution, he said that more than 7 billion doses of vaccines are produced in the world, but a fair distribution is not provided. He also shared what the root cause of anti-vaccination was.

The third speaker, retired from Gazi University Faculty of Medicine, is a member of the Turkish Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Association and the Ministry of Health Coronavirus Science Board. Dr. Firdevs Aktaş, “The Biggest Argument of Vaccine Opponents: Could Long-Term Side Effects Be Real?” made his presentation entitled. As of 27 November 2021, 7 billion 880 million vaccines were made in the world and 5 million 211 thousand people died; Expressing that 120 million 58 thousand 425 doses of vaccine were made in Turkey at the same time and the number of people who lost their lives reached 76 thousand 233, he stated that the main reason for the anti-vaccine side effects is fear.

The last speaker is the Turkey Representative of an international organization called GIANT (Global Immunization Action Network Team), which was established as a result of a call by the World Health Organization against vaccine opponents, and Chairman of the Board of the Hep Life Association. Hilal Ünalmış Duda gave a speech on “Against Vaccine Opponents: GIANT”. While GIANT was established, it was organized in 31 countries, and as of today’s date, this number has reached 50 countries. Members of this organization are non-governmental organizations and individuals in countries. The aim here is to ensure that there is no loss of life through vaccination, with facts and scientific method and method. (For detailed information: www.gaint-int.org)